Cleanest Socks White

This product has been embroidered with an experimental contrasted typography in front and developed exclusively on Socco.
Sidebay Studio
80% cotton, 17% polyester, 3% spandex
Ships from
United States Of America

$ 39 

Tight Line Tee Black
$ 39 
Cleanest Hoodie White
$ 49 
Tight Line Oversized Tee
$ 59 
Cleanest Sweatpants White
$ 49 
Cleanest Cap White
$ 39 
Tight Line Sweatshirt Black
$ 49 
A Moverism project —
2493 and beyond.
The brutalist way.
Another quote from Moshymercy: The Sidebay Studio product was developed in Malakoff/France, in a... delivery truck. It was created to meet the needs of creatives, individuals and companies to create or communicate with products inspired by minimalism and butalism.

The Moverism project concentrates several concepts including Sidebay Studio but also Own Masters Masters Club and Aimeonair.